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Our Worms

We have been providing earthworms, castings & worm farms for domestic & commercial purposes in Western Australia's South West region since 1994.

Worm Farming Tips

We are well versed in earthworms and worm farming and are happy to provide you with advice on large & small scale worm farms.

How to collect your worms?

We supply our earthworms to Mitre 10 in Margaret River. If this is not convenient you can collect them from our farm. Contact us for more info.

Welcome to the wonderful world of worms!

Earthworms are best described as natures most efficient waste disposal units.

Earthworms in worm farms and compost heaps are called composting earthworms and are different species than ones that are found in soil. They have the ability to convert significant amounts of organic waste (pretty much anything that was once alive!) into worm castings ( black earthy smelling stuff that plants love!)

These hungry little critters can eat up to half their body weight in organic material every day, converting it into a nutrient and microbe rich soil improver for your garden or pots.

Meet Your Worm Farmer

Margaret River Earthworms is fundamentally a waste conversion business with 100's of thousands employees; our trusty worms!

As an avid recycler, I believe that worms can be part of solving many issues including global warming, land degradation and reconnecting people with nature.

The core feed for my worm farm (all worms are grown by me) is leaves from my Gutter Cleaning Business, shredded paper (from a local real estate agent) and coffee grounds from local cafes and sometimes spent brewers grain.

I also feed all of our kitchen scraps etc to a dedicated separate worm farm as the seeds (tomato, pumpkin, avocado, etc) will remain viable and germinate which I don’t think is good for people buying castings products.

Whether your an experienced worm farmer or yet to discover the benefits of earthworms, we’re here to supply and educate you on the amazing benefits farming these humble little creatures can bring to you, your garden and the environment.

Steve Evans

Owner - Margaret River Earth Worms

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