Natures Busiest Miracle Workers

5 Things to Love About Earthworms

There is so much to love about Earthworms and the work they do. They are easily the most low maintenance, efficient, waste-processing animals on the planet.

Here are just a few super-powers of these underground allies:


Worms are nature’s own little ploughs. Their constant burrowing loosens and mixes up the soil, helping to aerate and drain it. This brings nutrients to the surface, making the soil more fertile, and helps prevent flooding and erosion.


They drag organic matter underground where they process the waste by shredding, digesting and pooping it out. This by-product (worm castings) is what people describe as “black gold’, the most nutrient rich natural fertiliser for your plants.


Plant roots thrive in earthworm castings and it is simply not possible to over fertilise.


Acidity can degrade the favorable environment for bacteria and other soil organisms. Earthworms can help repair damaged soil and help combat acid and alkali conditions in soil.


Worms increase microbial diversity so there are more beneficial bacteria, fungi and other microbes in the soil which may suppress soil-borne plant diseases and nematode populations.

Many farmers and gardeners have realised that soil in which earthworms live, plant and vegetable life prospers.